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6-0 (Win)


23 April 2022 at 13:30:00

Davie Park

McBookie Midlands Football League

Blairgowrie Junior FC 0 - 6 Tayport FC
2:30pm Kick Off
Davie Park
Midlands Football League

Match Report by Charlotte Wilde
Photographs by Ryan Masheder

Tayport were back in league action this weekend, away to Blairgowrie Juniors at Davie Park. The Port were looking for a win after their disappointing exit from the Thorntons Property Cup last week. It was a dominant match from the away side and the team came away with a fantastic 0-6 win.

Tayport started well with immediate chances from crosses from Jamie Gill and Ryan Paterson, but unfortunately no one was there to net the ball on either occasion. A Gill throw in also gave striker Adam Fraser an early chance. The ball was thrown into the box where Fraser headed it towards the net. Blairgowrie keeper Cameron Johnstone went to catch the ball but it slipped past his hands. There was a bit of scramble before the ball was eventually cleared by the Blairgowrie defence.

The home side did have a chance through a corner from Ruari Henry, but it was well cleared from Tayport’s box by Louis Joyce. A cross from Paul Scott was also a great chance for Blairgowrie but Tayport Captain Jamie Hume was there to header the ball away from the box.

15 minutes in and Tayport got their first goal of the match. A fantastic pass from Gill on the halfway line to Fraser meant Fraser had a chance on goal. Johnstone came out of his box and just as Fraser went to tap the ball into the net, Blairgowrie’s Blair Geddes slide tackled him in the box. The ball rolled through Johnstone’s legs and very slowly crossed the goal line, giving Tayport the lead.

Only 3 minutes later Tayport made the score 0-2. An incredibly powerful strike from Joyce on the edge of the box flew towards the top left corner of the net. Johnstone got his hand on it but it wasn’t enough and the team celebrated their second goal of the match.

Despite Tayport dominating the match so far, Blairgowrie still had chances. Gordan Pirie took a shot but it went too high over the crossbar. A few free kicks for the home side were taken by Paul Scott but none of them could result in a goal. However, Blairgowrie also defended well. A pass from Greg McColm to Luke Emmett was an away side chance but Emmett’s cross was easily cleared by Geddes.

However, it was Tayport who got the next goal of the match in the 25th minute. A Paterson corner landed perfectly in the box where McColm came in and simply tapped the ball into the back of the net. The score was now 0-3.

The away team continued to put pressure on the Blairgowrie goal. Paul Sludden had a shot from the edge of the box, but it was an easy catch for Johnstone. A couple of Paterson corners also were great opportunities but the team just couldn’t net another goal.

Despite these missed chances, Tayport got their 4th goal only 3 minutes later in the 28th minute. Another fantastic strike, this time from Emmett inside the box, was too powerful for the Blairgowrie keeper and the ball flew into the back of his net.

The last chances of the first half also came from Tayport. Gill crossed the ball into the box where Sludden collected it, however, his shot went just over the crossbar. Another Gill cross this time to Joyce was another chance but the ball fell straight to Johnstone who made a great save. The teams went into half time with Tayport leading 0-4.

Both teams came out strong for the next 45 minutes, but it was Tayport who continued to dominate the match with more possession and chances. A pass from Emmett to Fraser gave Fraser a shot from the edge of the box but unluckily the ball hit off the post and was collected by Johnstone. Another Paterson corner fell into the box but Kit Bremner cleared it from Blairgowrie’s box.

Only 10 minutes into the second half, Tayport made it 0-5. A Paterson cross into the box fell to Hume who tapped the ball. Johnstone reached for it but couldn’t quite get there and the ball rolled into the back of the net.

Given their comfortable lead, Tayport made many player substitutions, including bringing on Ewan White who had a great chance not long after coming off the bench. White took a shot from just outside the box. It was punched out by Johnstone but the ball then fell to Fraser who took his own shot. This time it was Geddes who headed the ball out for a Tayport corner.

Blairgowrie continued to challenge for their own goal despite being 0-5 down. Lewis Gemine ran into the Tayport box with the ball and there was a bit of a scramble but substitute Port keeper Darren Brown managed to make an easy catch and the home side remained goalless.

15 minutes from the end of the match, a foul on substitute striker Daniel Dorovic meant Tayport had a free kick on the halfway line. Sludden took the free kick, passing it wide to McColm who then crossed the ball into the box. Dorovic went to header the ball but it was hit out by the Blairgowrie keeper.

In the 82nd minute, Tayport got their 6th and final goal of the match. Fraser lofted the ball up the pitch where it was collected by Dorovic who went one on one with Johnstone who came out of his box. Dorovic, however, simply passed the Blairgowrie keeper and kicked the ball into the back of the net. The match ended with a fantastic 0-6 win for the Port.

Louis Joyce was named as the Tayport Distillery Man of the Match for his great performance including his fantastic goal. Tayport Manager Eddie Wolecki Black said what pleased him most about the match was “the 6 different goal scorers” showing that it was a team effort and that “they all played their part” even the substitutes.

Tayport are back in Cup action next week and will be away to Broughty Athletic in the Semi-Final of the Quest Precision Engineering Cup.

Tayport Team:
1. Craig Hepburn (Brown)
2. Luke Emmett
3. Craig Sturrock (Cameron)
4. Greg McColm
5. Jamie Hume (C)
6. Kris Rollo
7. Louis Joyce (Cobb)
8. Ryan Paterson (White)
9. Paul Sludden
10. Adam Fraser
11. Jamie Gill (Dorovic)

12. Ewan White
13. Ross Cameron
14. Aidan Cobb
15. Daniel Dorovic
16. Jim Malone
17. Kieran Sturrock
20. Darren Brown

Blairgowrie Team:
1. Cameron Johnstone
2. Paul Scott
3. Ian Plenderleith
4. Ben Middleton
5. Blair Geddes
6. Kit Bremner
7. Ruari Henry
8. Gordan Pirie
9. Sean Kelly
10. Lewis Gemine
11. Ross Bell

12. Callum Milne
14. Harry Watson
15. Robbie Watson
16. Gordon O’Brien

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