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21 November 2020 at 13:45:00

Davie Park, Blairgowrie Premiership North

Blairgowrie FC 0 – Tayport FC 1
Tayport got their competitive season off to a flying start with a 1-0 win away from home against Blairgowrie. Despite Tayport dominating play for much of the ninety minutes, with numerous chances on goal, the decider didn’t come until much later on.
It was end to end play for much of the start of the first half, with Tayport winning a free kick early on, just missing Dayle Robertson in the box that would have given the away side an early lead. Tayport continued to try their luck with two successive corners but they just couldn’t find a chance to take the lead.
After a Blairgowrie goal kick, Tayport managed to break with Jamie Gill who just can’t find the back of the net. A nasty high boot on Jamie McCabe earned Tayport a free kick inside the Blairgowrie half, who found his man in the box but again Tayport couldn’t manage to get a shot away.
It looked as though things were about to change when Tayport won a free kick on the edge of the Blairgowrie box, with Robertson to take, but he hit the wall and the ball went out for a Blairgowrie throw in. Possession was very much in Tayport’s favour, but they just couldn’t manage to take the lead. As play continued, another really nasty challenge from Blairgowrie on Gill earned them another free kick. It was Frazer Wilson who stepped up for this one, managing to find a red shirt in the box but it just wasn’t enough.
There were another couple of good chances for Tayport including attempts from Wilson and Robertson and an impressive corner from Gill, none of whom could find the back of the net before the first forty-five were up. One last chance, and the best of the game in the first half came from Robertson again, but again the ball went out wide – it was a frustrating one to miss.
The second half got underway and the unchanged Tayport side’s spirits were still high, with a few chances for the visiting side but the score remained 0-0. The first change of the game for Tayport saw Jamie McCabe coming off, replaced by Liam McArtney.
As we approached the half way point of the second half, the stale mate was finally broken. A cross in from Gill, played on by Braide Heggie to assist Robertson finally put the away side ahead. As the half played out Tayport had another couple of good chances but couldn’t manage to cement the win before full time. A few more changes for the visitors saw Kris Rollo replaced by Gordon Norrie and Gill replaced by Lyall Shaw. Unfortunately the fresh legs weren’t enough to get a second and the final whistle blew, with Robertson’s goal the decider.
Manager Chris McPherson was pleased with the performance. Speaking after the game he said that the boys played well and deserved the win, with lots of promising things to take away from the match. Looking ahead to next week, for Chris, the key is for the boys to keep playing the way they’re playing. He’s excited to be back at home, praising the club for the great condition of the pitch.
A great start from the team, and a well-deserved three points as they look ahead to next week where they face Brechin Vics at home.
Tayport FC Starting Lineup
20 Gary Thain
2 Bradie Heggie
4 Brad Ness
5 Greg White
3 Craig Sturrock
7 Jamie Gill
6 Louis Joyce
8 Kris Rollo
11 Frazer Wilson
10 Jamie McCabe
9 Dayle Robertson
1 Jack Shaw
12 Liam McArtney
14 Zak Wilson
15 Gordon Norrie
16 Lyall Shaw

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