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3-2 (Loss)


11 August 2021 at 18:00:00

Downfield Park

McBookie Midlands Football League


Tayport 2-3 Downfield

Downfield Park

7pm Kick Off

Midlands Football League

Match Day Eight

Match report by Ellidh Aitken. Photos by Ryan Masheder.

Tayport faced Downfield away on Wednesday night in a wet and unforgiving match. The Port left Downfield Park disappointed after the home side took all three points. The match started well for Tayport with Dayle Robertson and Jamie Gill coming close to scoring an early goal. Gill took a decent shot but was thwarted by a quick move by Downfield’s Jonny Snowdon. Liam McPake looked determined to give Downfield the advantage as he fought past Tayport’s defence, though was unsuccessful in hitting the back of the net. In the 28th minute the Spiders were awarded a penalty after Richard Roy was taken down by Zak Wilson inside the box. Roy took the penalty and fired the ball past Gary Thain, opening the scoring. Two minutes later Jamie Gill equalised with a shot from the edge of the box. But nine minutes later in the 39th minute Downfield were once again ahead when Liam McPake succeeded in his efforts and scored after cutting in off the left. The first half ended Tayport 1-2 Downfield.

The teams returned for the second half but Tayport continued to suffer against a hard working and well organised Downfield team. Ryan Paterson created some good opportunities for Tayport, as well as Reece Ritchie and Jamie Gill who both worked hard to push the team forward. In the 80th minute this paid off as Dayle Robertson brought the score level. Hopes for a winning Tayport goal remained high, though in the last few minutes of play a quick pass from Callum McCleary played in Richard Roy who drove the ball past Thain scoring the winner for Downfield. Tayport were unable to rescue a late point and the match ended Tayport 2-3 Downfield.

Tayport team

1: Gary Thain

2: Kris Rollo

3: Zak Wilson

4: Louis Joyce

5: Jamie Hume

6: Reece Ritchie

7: Ryan Paterson

8: Jamie McCabe

9: Dayle Robertson

11: Jamie Gill

12: Logan Irvine (replaced by Daniel Dorovic)

Unused Subs

10: Gordon Norrie

13: Lyall Shaw

14: Ross Cameron

20: Darren Brown

Downfield team

1: Fergus Robertson

2: Grant Rodger

5: Jonny Snowdon

6: Mark Mcdonald

14: Liam McPake

8: Stephen Duffy

11: Robert Malone

7: Andrew Walls

12: Callum McCleary

16: Richard Roy

10: James Tracey


15: Jordon Colquhoun

9: Jordan Garden

17: Michael McArthur

18: Jordan Timmons

21: David Boyland

20: Andrew Patullo

19: Klyer Van Der Toom

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