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Dundee Violet

4-1 (Win)


8 January 2022 at 14:30:00

The Canniepairt

McBookie Midlands Football League

Tayport FC 4 – 1 Dundee Violet


2:30pm Kick Off

The Canniepairt

Midlands Football League

Match Report by Charlotte Wilde

Photographs by Ryan Masheder

Tayport FC started the new year at a frosty Canniepairt with a great win over Dundee Violet, giving the club a valuable 3 points. The home team began the match the stronger side, with Kieran Sturrock almost putting the ball in the back of the net within the first 10 minutes. The visitors did have a few chances through Calum Kinnear, although Tayport’s keeper Darren Brown saved comfortably. Also, a corner from the away team which led to a shot from Cameron Ross was a good scoring opportunity, but his shot went just over the crossbar.

20 minutes in Louis Joyce’s free kick was flicked on by Jamie Hume and the ball fell to Ewan White who managed to get a shot away but his shot was blocked by Violet’s keeper Fraser Burnett, the ball came back out into the box and fell to Paul Sludden but his shot went just wide of the post.

Tayport’s first goal came in the 28th minute, with Ryan Paterson passing to Sludden who knocked it on to Daniel Dorovic who powerfully shot into the top left corner of the oppositions goal. The home team continued to dominate with both Sturrock and Jamie Hume having shots on goal but both being saved by Violet’s keeper. The teams went into half time with Tayport leading 1-0.

The second half began under the new floodlights, with both teams coming out very strong and re-energised after the break. There were many chances for both sides but Tayport were the first to score through Paterson. Sturrock made a good run down the left-hand side and picked out Paterson who lifted the ball over the away keeper and into the net. Tayport’s 2-0 lead didn’t last long as Violet’s Ross ran down the line and managed to slip the ball past Brown as he came out of his goal. The visitors continued to challenge the home team with more chances on goal, but Brown was on point and kept the ball from the back of his net.

The next home goal came in the 71st minute. Brown hurled the ball to the halfway line where it was picked up by Jamie Gill who skilfully ran down the side line and into the box slotting the ball past the keeper. Another chance came from a Louis Joyce free kick, which found Jamie McCabe but his shot was saved by Burnett.

Dundee Violet’s Greg Breen had a shot on goal 10 minutes from the end of the match, but Brown slid out and saved it. Tayport’s final goal came again from Gill in the 91st minute. White’s corner went into the box where it was headed by many players before being headed out of the area by Violet’s defence, the ball however fell straight to Gill who volleyed it from just outside the edge of the box into the top right corner of the net. The match ended Tayport 4 – 1 Dundee Violet.

Jamie McCabe was named the Tayport Distillery’s Man of the Match, with manager Eddie Wolecki saying he was impressed with McCabe’s performance after having to play in a different role than usual due to injuries and suspensions.

Tayport FC Team:

1. Darren Brown

2. Bradie Heggie (McColm)

3. Louis Joyce

4. Ross Cameron

5. Jamie Hume (C)

6. Ryan Paterson

7. Daniel Dorovic (Gill)

8. Jamie McCabe

9. Paul Sludden (Norrie)

10. Kieran Sturrock

11. Ewan White


12: Jamie Gill

13: Gordon Norrie

14: Greg McColm

Dundee Violet Team:

1. Fraser Burnett

3.Lewis Hornshaw

6. Calum Kinnear

7. Cameron Ross

8. Derek Johnston

10. Andrew Kelly

12. Elliot McCafferty

13. Barry Wilson

14. Jay Taylor

17. Jamie Timmons

22. Oliver Brander


2. Paddy Boyle

5. James Lawrie

11. Greg Breen

15. Michael Edgar

16. Greg Houston

21. Jamie Adams

Dundee Violet
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