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Dundee North End 1 - 0 Tayport FC (Match Report 08/10/22)

Dundee North End 1 - 0 Tayport FC


2.30pm Kick Off

North End Park

Midlands Football League

Match Report by Charlotte Wilde

Photographs by Ryan Masheder

After their draw at home to Dundee Violet the week before, Tayport were looking for a better result as they travelled to North End Park to take on Dundee North End. With players back from illness including captain Jamie Hume, the squad was looking much more substantial than the previous match. New Signing, Keeper Thomas Welsh, debuted for the Port.

It was a very even start to the match, but North End took the first real chance to score. A Frankie Devine free kick only 3 minutes in was punched away by Welsh, denying the home team the lead. Despite this, Tayport continued to press. Ryan Paterson’s corner fell perfectly into the box but North End keeper Gary Thain batted the ball away.

The Port’s Dominik Naglik also had some really good chances to take the lead. A Paterson free kick found Naglik in the box who went to take a shot on goal, but Thain got to the ball first. Only a few minutes later, Naglik had another chance but again he couldn’t get the ball past the North End keeper.

On the 28th minute mark, it was North End who took the lead through a penalty. Ethan Samson and Hume tried to defend their goal, but Brian Rice went down in the box which resulted in the referee pointing to the penalty spot. Devine stepped up and, although Welsh dived the right way, Devine slipped the ball past him and into the bottom left hand corner.

It was a frustrating goal for Tayport to concede, considering the amount of chances they had had so far. However, they continued to push for an equaliser. 30 minutes in, Hume had a great shot from just outside the box, but the ball flew over the crossbar. Striker Naglik also continued to try for a Tayport goal. Bradie Heggie made a great cross into the box, where Naglik attempted to head the ball into the net but unfortunately it went just a little too wide of the post. At the half time break, the score was 1-0 to Dundee North End.

Out for the 2nd half and Tayport had come out with a stronger determination to get an equaliser. Only 5 minutes in, Paterson’s corner fell straight to Daryl McKenzie in the box. McKenzie headed the ball but unluckily it smashed off the woodwork. Also, Kieran Sturrock’s strong pass to Naglik was another great chance but, again, the ball went too wide. Tayport substitutions were made mid-way through the second half to try and give new energy to the team. Nik Edwards had a superb run down the line not long after coming on, but his shot that followed was easily caught by Thain.

Despite all these chances for the Port, North End were still holding onto their lead. In injury time, Devine had a last minute shot to extend the home sides advantage, but his shot flew just wide of the post. The full time whistle was blown, and the match ended with a 1-0 win for Dundee North End.

Manager Daryl McKenzie commented that he was, “really disappointed with the result”, adding that “North End were a strong team, but I thought we matched them well”. He said that even though he thought “We defended really well”, he felt that “the game swung on the penalty they received”. For areas to improve on, McKenzie thought that the team “were particularly poor going forward”, but he did say that he felt “a draw would have been a fair result”.

Tayport Team:

1 Thomas Welsh

2 Bradie Heggie (Edwards)

3 Callum Walls

4 Jim Malone

5 Greg McColm

6 Jamie Hume

7 Daryl McKenzie (Barbour)

8 Ethan Samson (McMulkin)

9 Dominik Naglik (Fraser)

10 Ryan Paterson

11 Kieran Sturrock


12 Innes Barbour

14 Adam Fraser

15 Kyle McMulkin

16 Nik Edwards

17 Caleb Addo

20 Darren Brown

Dundee North End Team:

1 Gary Thain

2 Liam Gibb

3 Brian Rice

4 Jack Allan

9 Bryan Deasley

10 Connor MacLeod

11 Frankie Devine

14 Archie Thomas

15 Kris Rollo

16 Aidan McKelvie

18 Andrew Ballantine


6 Ryan Smith

7 Owen McCabe

8 Jamie Montgomery

17 Jordan Garden

22 Ben Britton

99 Neal Ferrie


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