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Letham JFC 0 - 1 Tayport FC (Match Report 17/08/22)

Letham JFC 0 - 1 Tayport FC


7.30pm Kick Off

Seven Acres

Midlands Football League

Match Report by Charlotte Wilde

Photographs by Ryan Masheder Photography

For their 4th midweek game of the season, Tayport travelled to Seven Acres to play Perth side Letham JFC. Although an even game, it was scrappy at times as both teams were desperate for the win.

Tayport got off to a great start with an early shot on goal from Kieran Sturrock within the first 10 minutes. Unfortunately, the referee blew his whistle for off side before the ball hit the back of the net. Despite this, the Port continued to push for an early lead. Luke O’Brien took a powerful shot which was unluckily too wide of the post and Ryan Paterson’s free kicks also couldn’t reach the back of the net.

The home side also put in their best efforts to get the first goal of the match. Aidan Edwards took a shot which went too wide and Aaron Galletly had a great header but the ball hit the cross bar. Half time came and the score was equal at 0-0.

Out for the next 45 minutes and both teams were eager to score first. The best chance of the match for Tayport came in the 55th minute. Dominik Naglik took a shot which bounced off Letham Keeper Aidan Bright. The ball then fell to Paterson who took another shot but the ball smashed off the cross bar. Craig Sturrock and Kieran Sturrock also had second half opportunities to score but neither could get Tayport a goal.

After a Tayport foul, Letham’s Dale Smart stepped up to take the free kick from the edge of the box. It was a great chance for the home side, but Port keeper Darren Brown made a fantastic diving save.

When everyone thought the game was over and it would end a 0-0 draw, Tayport got the only goal of the match in the 86th minute. A slick pass from Nik Edwards was collected by Paterson who then smashed the ball into the back of the net from inside the box. This was the last action of the match and Tayport left Perth with a fantastic late 1-0 win.

Manager Daryl McKenzie said Wednesday night’s win was a “great 3 points” for the club, saying the “boys showed a lot of grit and determination.” McKenzie was impressed with how the team “stood up to Letham’s physicality and their direct play” considering how he felt that “Letham were a much improved team from last year.”

The Tayport Distillery Man of the Match award was given to defender Greg McColm.

Tayport Team:

1 Darren Brown

2 Bradie Heggie (Cameron)

3 Callum Walls

4 Jamie Hume (C)

5 Greg McColm

6 Craig Sturrock

7 Daryl McKenzie

8 Luke O’Brien (Edwards)

9 Dominik Naglik (McMulkin)

10 Ryan Paterson

11 Kieran Sturrock


12 Ross Cameron

14 Kyle McMulkin

15 Nik Edwards

16 Caleb Addo

Letham FC Team:

1 Aidan Bright

2 Alan Cunningham

3 Nathan Howgate

4 Aaron Galletly

5 Adam Storrar

6 Connor Galletly

7 Aidan Edwards

8 Shaun Simpson

9 Dale Smart

10 Stephen Mann

11 Lewis Davidson


12 Mark Shaw

14 Daniel Kelly

15 Sean Ferrie

16 Darren Spence

17 Lewis Allan

18 Kacper Przesclica

23 Rory MacIntyre


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