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Lochee Harp FC 1 - 7 Tayport FC (Match Report 09/04/22)

Lochee Harp FC 1 - 7 Tayport FC 09/04/22 2:30pm Kick Off Lochee Park JFC Pitch Midlands Football League

Match Report by Charlotte Wilde Photographs by Ryan Masheder After a disappointing 0-5 loss away to Carnoustie Panmure last week, Tayport were looking to get back to their winning ways yesterday, this time away to Lochee Harp. The team did just that, putting on a great performance and coming away with a fantastic 1-7 win.

It was a quick start to the game with Tayport immediately taking advantage of the ball. A Luke Emmett free kick early into the match fell into the box where it found midfielder Jamie Gill. Gill took a shot but it flew too high over the crossbar. Only a few minutes later, Kieran Sturrock had his own shot on goal but the Lochee defence managed to keep the ball away from the net. However, the ball wasn’t completely cleared from the box and it fell to Ryan Paterson who took a shot but the ball was easily caught by Lochee Harp keeper Jamie Lockhart.

It didn’t take long for the away side to get ahead and Tayport got their first goal only 9 minutes into the game. A Paterson free kick landed perfectly in the box but it was cleared by Kai Flynn. However, the ball found Gill on the edge of the box who took a shot and the ball slipped through the Lochee defence before finding Greg McColm who tapped it into the back of the net.

Tayport continued to dominate the match with more chances and possession. Striker Daniel Dorovic had several chances on goal but all were saved by Lockhart. 20 minutes in, a Paterson corner gave McColm a chance but his header went over the crossbar. Another great effort from the team came from another Emmett free kick. Emmett’s shot flew into the box where it found Sturrock who took a powerful shot. However, the ball hit Gill and bounced back. Luckily though, the ball then fell to Louis Joyce who took his own shot but it was saved once again by Lockhart.

30 minutes in and Lochee Harp had one of their best chances. A free kick from Kyle Buik on the edge of the box caused a scramble in front of the goal, but the ball took a deflection of a Lochee player and went out for a goal kick. Gino Yunnissi also had a great chance from a cross but Tayport Captain Jamie Hume defended the ball well and cleared it from the box.

In the 40th minute, Tayport doubled their lead. Paterson made a great pass to Kieran Sturrock on the half way line, who then ran towards the box and took a powerful strike straight into the back of the net. Then, only 2 minutes later, Tayport went 0-3 up. A Lochee Harp free kick fell straight to Tayport keeper Craig Hepburn who then lofted the ball well into the home sides half. Dorovic picked it up and smashed it into the back of the net.

The last action of the first half was a great chance for Lochee. A foul by McColm on Finlay Slater meant the home team had a free kick just outside the box. Gary Robertson took the shot but Hepburn made an amazing save as the ball flew towards the top left corner of the goal. The ball was then cleared from the box by McColm. The half time whistle went and the teams went into the break with Tayport leading 0-3.

Tayport came out for the second half with just as much energy as the first. Less than a minute after coming out after the break, Paterson had a great shot but it was easily saved by Lockhart. Dorovic also had a great opportunity only a couple of minutes later but his shot was too high and went over the crossbar.

In the 53rd minute of the match the away side made it 0-4. Kieran Sturrock crossed the ball to Joyce who took a fantastic powerful strike, smashing the ball into the top left corner of the net. Then, only 6 minutes later, Tayport added another goal to the score line. Gill ran down the line and crossed the ball into the box. Lochee Harp’s Daniel Garmany tried to reach for the ball but Dorovic got there first, slotting the ball into the back of the net and making the score 0-5.

Tayport substitutions were made as they were comfortably leading. Ross Cameron was one of those who came off the bench and he had a great chance soon after coming onto the pitch. A Paterson corner flew into the box towards Cameron who tried to tap the ball into the bottom left corner of the net. Unfortunately the ball went just wide and out for a Lochee goal kick. Another substitute Aidan Cobb also had a great shot from outside the box, but again his shot was too wide.

73 minutes in and Tayport made it 0-6. Joyce ran into the centre of the box with the ball and passed to Paterson who came into the box from Joyce’s right. Paterson then chipped the ball over Lockhart and into the net. Again, another goal came soon after. In the 78th minute Paterson got his second goal of the match. Dorovic passed the ball to Paterson who ran towards the box. Lockhart came out of his goal and Paterson manged to pass him and again chip the ball into the back of the net.

Despite being so many goals down, Lochee Harp still continued to press for their own goal. Robertson took a shot but it flew over the bar. The home side did, however, get their goal in the 81st minute. A Sean McVicar corner landed in the box and Ross Anderson easily headed it into the back of Tayport’s net.

Paterson was desperate to get a hat trick and pressured Lockhart with his last minute shots. The Lochee Harp keeper, however, made a couple of great saves and prevented his team from conceding another. The full time whistle was blown and the match ended 1-7 to Tayport.

The Tayport Distillery Man of the Match was named as Luke Emmett. This was his first time winning the award at the club and manager Eddie Wolecki Black said he agreed with the decision and think Emmett “had a great game”. He also said the team had an “accomplished performance” and that he was happy with the players as “they all contributed”.

Tayport Team: 1. Craig Hepburn 2. Luke Emmett 3. Craig Sturrock (Cameron) 4. Greg McColm (Heggie) 5. Jamie Hume (C) 6. Kris Rollo (Cobb) 7. Kieran Sturrock 8. Louis Joyce 9. Daniel Dorovic 10. Ryan Paterson 11. Jamie Gill

Substitutes: 12. Aidan Cobb 13. Ross Cameron 14. Bradie Heggie

Lochee Harp FC Team: 1. Jamie Lockhart 2. Kai Flynn 3. Daniel Garmany 5.Ross Anderson 6. Kyle Buik 7. Sean McVicar 8. Thomas Sweeney 9. Finlay Slater 10. Owen Gray 11. Gino Yunnissi 12. Gary Robertson

Substitutes: 14.Daniel Conway 15. Joe Morris 16. David Buchan 21. Fraser Butter


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