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Match Report - Tayport FC v Carnoustie Panmure 28/07/21

Tayport FC 1 - 2 Carnoustie Panmure


Midlands Football League

Match day 4

The Canniepairt


Match report written by, Ellidh Aitken. Photos by, Ryan Masheder.

Tayport hosted Carnoustie Panmure on Wednesday night at the Canniepairt for their fourth match of the season. The Port were up against a strong Carnoustie side but managed to break through their defences a number of times creating good chances. Despite this, the match ended Tayport 1-2 Carnoustie. The first goal of the match came from Carnoustie in the ninth minute. Jamie Winter took a corner kick which was successfully followed up by quick header from Ryan Roche, hitting the ball into the top of the net. Carnoustie pushed for a second goal, though some good saves by Gary Thain kept them from gaining a further advantage. This determination led to raised tensions and after a tackle on Tayport’s Ryan Paterson, Ryan Roche was handed a yellow card. Paterson went on to create some good chances for Tayport in the first half, though the home side could not find the back of the net. At half time the score remained Tayport 0-1 Carnoustie.

Both sides returned for the second half determined to score. Louis Joyce was booked soon after play resumed, though played well for the remainder of the match. In the 61st minute Carnoustie widened the gap and scored for a second time, curtesy of Bruce Hearn cutting across from the left and firing the ball into the right corner of the net. The latter moments of the match saw more bookings with Carnoustie’s Dale Reid and Paul McLellan and Tayport’s Reece Ritchie receiving yellow cards. Both teams were also forced to make substitutions, Dayle Robertson and Bruce Hearn were consecutively injured and taken off the pitch. Tayport took full advantage of the final minutes of the match and ultimately in the 89th minute Jamie McCabe scored for the home side, heading the ball from the left of the goal. Despite pushing forward, Tayport could not make a last-minute equaliser and the match ended Tayport 1-2 Carnoustie.

After the match Tayport’s Manager, Chris Macpherson, named Louis Joyce Tayport Distillery’s Man of the Match.

“There were a few boys who put in a very similar performance, that did well, that won their battles. I thought the three midfielders did well.” He said.

“Dayle put in a great shift up front, he really did, against all odds but Louis was probably the best player for us there, you see his qualities.

“He has been brought up a centre half, he has been moved into midfield. I just think he won all his battles, he did well against a good striker tonight”

Despite being disappointed at the ultimate outcome of the match, Macpherson was satisfied with the performance of his squad, he said, “I am really pleased with how the boys played I am disappointed we lost and disappointed that goals were conceded, one was worse than the other.

“But it is a mixed bag of feelings because I just think it is a shame because we should have got something out of that game.

“We are on the catch up, but I don’t think we are far away, I really do not think we are far away. On another day we might have got a bit of luck and scored one of the goals that the keeper managed to save.”

Tayport play again on Saturday away against Dundee Violet.



1 Gary Thain

2 Bradie Heggie

3 Zak Wilson

4 Bradley Ness

5 Louis Joyce (man of the match / yellow card)

6 Kris Rollo

7 Lyall Shaw (replaced by Gordon Norrie)

8 Reece Ritchie (yellow card)

9 Dayle Robertson (replaced by Ewan White, injured)

10 Jamie McCabe

11 Ryan Paterson


12 Logan Irvine

13 Jamie Hume

14 Ewan White

15 Gordon Norrie

20 Darren Brown

Carnoustie Panmure

1 Jamie Robbie

2 Bruce Hearn (replaced by Finn Kemlo, injured)

5 Ryan Rochie (yellow card)

7 Paul McLellan (yellow card)

8 Jamie Winter

10 Steven McPhee

11 Sam Simpson

12 Kieran Conway

17 Connor Coupe

18 Dale Reid (yellow card)

20 Ryan Suttie


6 Brian Clark

14 Finn Kemlo

15 Robert Smith

16 Alan Conway

21 Lewis Harrison

22 Cameron McMahon

3 Braden Bateley


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