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Match Report - Dundee Violet JFC V Tayport FC 31/07/21


Tayport FC 2-2 Dundee Violet

Glenesk Park

2.30pm Kick Off

Midlands Football League

Match Day Five

Match report by, Ellidh Aitken. Photographs by, Scott Pearce.

Tayport were away from home on Saturday afternoon at Glenesk park as they took on Dundee Violet. With the match ending 2-2, Tayport manager, Chris MacPherson and his team left frustrated. He said, “In the end we probably should have won, we got a couple of goals without really playing brilliant in the second half. Disappointing, to be perfectly honest.”

The match started well for Tayport with Dayle Robertson creating some early chances, but was unable to find the back of the net and give his team an early lead. It was the home side that opened the scoring in the 28th minute as Barry Wilson scored from a corner kick. Ten minutes later it was two nil to violet after Ryan Hush scored from another corner. MacPherson, commenting on the goals conceded, said, “we gave away two of the softest goals ever, embarrassing, I can only be honest. It was the same as the first goal on Wednesday night. We have got to do better; the boys know that.”

The second half proved better for Tayport with some close chances for Ryan Paterson and Jamie McCabe. However, it was not until the 64th minute that Tayport managed to turn up the heat and score. Dayle Robertson fired the ball into the back of the net after a corner taken by Paterson. The momentum continued, and five minutes later Robertson made it level in the 69th minute. Both sides fought on for an all-important winning goal. Ryan Paterson and Dundee Violet’s Fraser Burnett both received yellow cards in the game’s final minutes. As play continued, Paterson and Robertson both had shots on goal but were unsuccessful due to some good saves by goalkeeper, Burnett. The match ended 2-2 at full time.

Dayle Robertson was named the Tayport Distillery Man of the Match by Tayport’s committee, rather than by MacPherson himself. “I don’t think it’s a day to be picking out players to praise,” he said.

“They got themselves out of jail a little bit in the second half and scored two goals. I am glad we never lost in the end, but I don’t think it’s a day for me to pick man of the match.

“I probably think they picked right, Dayle has been playing week in week out. He is getting better, he is getting back up to fitness, he scored both goals today. He will probably be disappointed he never got a hattrick.”

Tayport play again on Wednesday night at home against Scone Thistle.

Tayport starting line up

1 Gary Thain

2 Bradie Heggie

3 Zak Wilson

4 Brad Ness

5 Jamie Hume

6 Reece Ritchie

7 Lyall Shaw (Replaced by Logan Irvine)

8 Louis Joyce (Replaced by Ewan White)

9 Dayle Robertson

10 Jamie McCabe

11 Ryan Paterson (Yellow Card)


12 Logan Irvine

14 Ewan White

15 Gordon Norrie

20 Darren Brown

Dundee Violet

1 Fraser Burnett (Yellow Card)

2 Robbie Gallacher

6 Calum Brian Kinnear

14 Jay Taylor

13 Barry Wilson

18 Aidan Lorente

11 Greg Breen

8 Derek Johnston

9 Ryan Hush

20 Paddy Boyle (Replaced by Elliot McCaffterty)

7 Cameron Ross


21 Jason Hill

16 Bailey Samphier

15 Michael Edgar

3 Oliver Carmichael

12 Elliot McCafferty

22 Oliver Brander

23 Greg Houston


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