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Walking Football

Our Story

Paul Berg started the Walking Football Club in August 2019 at Waterstone Crook Sports Centre in Newport. He wanted to expand the club’s membership and contacted Tayport chairman, Davie Baikie, to see if he would allow the club to become part of Tayport FC.

Davie was very enthusiastic and the club became Tayport Over 50’s Walking Football Club, and switched training to the Canniepairt.

 Contact Paul on 07831-535555

Or email to get involved with Walking Football today.


About Us

  • Walking Football has become increasingly popular over recent years, and is exactly what its title suggests:

  • A standard game of football, but players walk instead of running.It is designed to help people get fit or maintain an active lifestyle, no matter what their age, no matter if they are male or female.


Why should you join

  • Older people who play have seen many benefits, including lowering their heart rate and blood pressure, helping to lose weight and improving their mobility.

  • Walking Football offers social benefits, it brings people together who may live alone and creates friendships amongst club members, at Tayport after training we meet in our club room for tea, coffee and a good chat about anything and everything. We even have members who cannot play for whatever reason, but come along for the social side.


Rules of the Game

  • No running on or off the ball

  •  Non contact

  •  The ball mustn’t go above head height

  • There are other rules but these are the basic ones.


What to expect

  • The players currently train every Friday morning, outdoors at Tayport or indoors at the Regional Performance Centre in Dundee. They hope to start an evening session on a Tuesday, also at Tayport.


  • After training at Tayport, the players meet in their club room for refreshments and discussions on anything and everything to do with football.

  • They play league matches in the Walking Football Over 50’s  East League, which has 2 divisions, and this year we have a team in each division, the only club that does.


  • Opponents include Dundee Utd., Arbroath, Raith Rovers, Hearts and many more.

  • Games are 6 aside and last 15 minutes. 4 matches are normally played per session.

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