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Port Lotto

A weekly lottery draw taking place each Thursday


Tayport FC have teamed up with Our Club Lotto to launch a new weekly lottery draw, Port Lotto which takes place online, replacing our previous lottery Super Six


The weekly Lottery draw will take place each Wednesday evening. It costs £1 to enter and each participant can enter up to 10 times each week. Each line costs £1 meaning the more lines you place the better chance you have of winning. The jackpot will start at £1,000 and will be won by matching all four numbers, if not won the jackpot will roll over by £50 each week until it reaches the maximum of £10,000. If you match three of four numbers in any order you will win a share of the second prize, £50. Once the first jackpot is won the jackpot will reset at £200. ​ There is the option to select your play donation meaning you can sign up weekly or you can select to take part for a full year. ​ By playing Port Lotto you will be supporting Tayport FC and the money raised will go towards the development of the football club.

So click the link below now to take part in Port Lotto and support the Port!  

Your payment will be rejected if you attempt to pay with a credit card which is against UK gambling regulations, you must therefore pay using a debit card.

Registered with Fife Council

Promoter: Tayport Football Club


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