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Bert Aitken and Grant Carroll Obituaries

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Bert Aitken

Tayport Football Club and its members were saddened to learn of the death earlier this month of Bert Aitken, aged 89. Bert was a lifetime Tayport resident, player and supporter and was following the team at the Canniepairt only a few weeks ago. Bert was a member of the Tayport Violet team which won the Midlands AFA’s first ever Division Two Title, the Balnacraig Trophy, in 1951 and also part of the legendary Tayport Amateurs team which won the Midlands AFA’s Bremner Cup in 1959. Bert was the father of committee members, Dave who continues the family representation at the club, and the late John. We offer our sincere condolences to Bert’s family. Bert’s funeral is on Tuesday 15th February, 9.45am at Queen Street Church and 10:30am at Tayport Cemetery.

(Picture of Bert in his playing days)

Grant Carroll

Tayport FC has lost a season ticket holder and enthusiastic support with the sudden death of Gauldry’s Grant Carroll. Grant (73) who rarely missed a Tayport game, home or away, was enjoying a weekend away in York. Having earlier taken in York City v Gateshead, he collapsed and died on Saturday evening. We offer Grant’s wife Marina our sincere condolences. Grant’s funeral is on Thursday 24th February, 12.30pm at Balmerino Parish Church and 1.30pm at Balmerino Cemetery.

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