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Carnoustie Panmure vs Tayport (10/02/24)

Tayport played against Carnoustie Panmure in an exhilarating match yesterday, ultimately finishing in a 2-2 draw. The first half saw Tayport dominating the field, with Mark Van der Kuyl (Sponsored by Utility Connect) and Jamie Gill netting two impressive goals. However, just before halftime, Carnoustie Panmure managed to get one past the goalkeeper, setting the stage for a tense second half.

Tayport came out strong after the break, maintaining their lead at 2-1, but Carnoustie Panmure fought back fiercely, earning a penalty and scoring successfully. Despite both teams' best efforts, neither could break the deadlock again, resulting in a hard-fought draw. The match showcased intense competition and skill from both sides, leaving fans on the edge until the final whistle.

Photography by Emil Hanson

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