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Departure of Manager Daryl McKenzie


We wish to inform our supporters that Manager Daryl McKenzie has left our club. This parting is mutual, respectful, and marks the end of a significant chapter in our club's history.


Joining in the summer of 2022, Daryl was previously with Broughty Athletic where he was a player and assistant manager alongside spending many years at Forfar West End as a player before progressing to become a manager for their club. Daryl’s commitment to the club's spirit, players' development, and our collective success has been unwavering. His tenure saw moments of triumph and challenges, all of which were met with professionalism and an enduring passion for football.

Tayport extend our heartfelt gratitude to Daryl for his hard work, dedication, and the memorable moments he has given to the club. His impact extends beyond the field, resonating with staff, players, and fans alike. We have no doubt that his future endeavours will be met with the same level of excellence and integrity he brought here.


As we navigate this transition, the search for a new manager is underway, and we are focused on finding a leader who shares our vision and values. We will keep supporters informed and involved as we move forward into this new era.


In closing, we wish Daryl all the best in his future. He will always be a valued member of our club's history.


Thank you for everything Daryl.

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