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Updated: Feb 21

In a thrilling encounter at the third round of the Quest Engineering Cup, Tayport played against Dyce FC, ultimately securing a hard-fought 2-1 win, sending them into the tournament's quarterfinals.


Right from the kick-off, both teams exhibited strength and determination, setting the stage for an intense game. The early exchanges saw a strong defence, with both sides showcasing resilience and skill in equal measure. However, Dyce FC took the first chance, breaking the 0-0 with a well-taken goal by Glen Donald in the 15th minute. The first half concluded with Dyce FC holding a 1-0 lead.


As the second half began, Tayport began to look for a breakthrough. Their persistence paid off in the 69th minute, as Daryl McKenzie scored a goal evening out the score, and allowing for newfound energy and belief into the Tayport side. With momentum on their side, Tayport found more success when Alex Balfour was able to sprint from the halfway line to then score for Tayport with a well-timed goal in the 79th minute, pushing his team into a 2-1 lead.


In the final moments of extra time, Dyce FC launched a final attempt for a goal, but their efforts were diminished as Tayport's goalkeeper, Darryl Burns, held firm to preserve their pending win. Despite a tense period of extra time, Tayport succeeded, achieving a memorable victory while also securing their passage to the quarterfinals.


Looking forward to the quarter-finals, Tayport will play against East Craigie at The Canniepairt on March 16th 2024.

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