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East Craigie vs. Tayport – Quest Engineering Cup 16/03/24


In an intense encounter, Tayport was knocked out by East Craigie in a game that ended in 2-0.


The match began with both teams displaying equal measures of aggression and strategy. East Craigie showed early promise with two attempts to breach Tayport's defense, but their efforts didn't translate into goals. The tension escalated in the 26th minute when East Craigie received a yellow card, a sign of the growing tension on the field. Almost simultaneously, Tayport won a corner but sadly left the score line undisturbed. As the first half ended, neither team could break the 0-0.


The second half resumed with East Craigie gradually gaining the upper hand. At the 58’ minute East Craigie broke the 0-0 by scoring a goal. With the gaming picking up in tension, the fight for a goal on the Tayport side became more intense. Under 10 minutes later East Craigie scored again at the 67’ minute making the score line 2-0. Tayport then made a triple substitution at the 79th minute: Jamie Gill, Nick Fletcher, and Daryl McKenzie were brought on, replacing Mackenzie Williamson, Max Reid, and Mark Van Der Kuhl.

Just two minutes later, East Craigie faced another setback with another yellow card. Tayport then substituted Innes Barbour for Ethan Samson in the 78th minute.


Despite these efforts, Tayport maintained their composure and ultimately the match ended with two well-executed goals by East Craigie. The final whistle marked a disappointing day for Tayport, who fought hard but sadly could not progress to the semi-finals of the Quest Engineering Cup.


As East Craigie progress to the semi-final we wish them the best of luck from Tayport!

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