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Ellidh lands first job in journalism

Tayport Football Club would like to congratulate our Match Reporter, Ellidh Aitken, on getting her first job in journalism. Ellidh has been part of our media team this year gaining experience and we are delighted that she has landed her first job at the Dunfermline Press. Ellidh has taken the time to share with us about her role on the Tayport FC Media Team.

How did you get involved with the Tayport media team?

I saw a post on Facebook and thought it would be the perfect opportunity for some media experience. I emailed the club and Pete got back to me explaining everything about the role and I decided to go ahead with it to build up my CV.

What has been your role on the media team and what has this involved?

I have been the match reporter, covering Tayport matches, though Pete was really understanding if I couldn’t make certain games. I would write up a report of the match and send it over to different papers to meet their deadlines and for it to be published on the club’s website and social media channels.

What have you enjoy most about being on the media team at Tayport FC?

I’ve really enjoyed learning more about football and working with everyone on the media team.

You have just landed your first job in journalism, congratulations, do you think the experience you gained from being on the Tayport media team helped you in your job interviews?

It definitely helped, my involvement with Tayport was what they were most interested in and we discussed it a lot in all the interviews I went to. It was a really big part of why I was able to get the job as it was just the right kind of experience I needed.

What would you say to someone who wants to gain experience and is thinking about joining the media team at the club?

I would probably say don’t be worried about not being a football expert, you will pick it up really quickly. Everyone on the media team is so helpful and they all make it a really good experience.

Ellidh’s new full-time job means that she is moving on from the media team at Tayport, everyone at the club would like to thank Ellidh for all that she has given us and wish her all the best in her new job. The club are now looking for someone to join our media team as our new match reporter, if interested or to find out more information email or message one of our social media channels.

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