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Forfar United vs Tayport (02/03/24)

Updated: Mar 4

Tayport played their first game of the month against Forfar United resulting in a victorious 4-1 win for the port. The game began with a slow tempo, as both teams cautiously played around the pitch, checking for openings in their opponent's defense.


The first 30 minutes saw Tayport struggling to break through Forfar's resilient defense, with the home side desperately seeking a breakthrough before the halftime whistle. However, their persistence paid off in the 30th minute when Jamie Hume scored a stunning goal to give Tayport a crucial lead. As the halftime whistle blew, Tayport found themselves in the lead, dominating possession and dictating the tempo of the game.


After half-time, Mackenzie Williamson was taken off with Nick Fletcher coming on, a substitution that would prove crucial in the second half. The second half saw Tayport continue their dominance on the pitch, with Jamie Hume once again scoring another phenomenal goal in the 59th minute, doubling his tally for the day and extending Tayport's lead. Just two minutes later, Nick Fletcher, who had come on as a substitute, made an immediate impact, striking the ball to find the back of the net which further solidified Tayport's advantage.


Later in the second half saw 4 substitutions, Jamie Gill coming on for Ethan Samson and then Innes Barbour, Lewis Stracey, and Calum Petrie all coming on for Kieran Crichton, Mark Van Der Kuyl, and Ian Plenderleith. After this Tayport saw another opportunity to score, in the 79’ minute Innes Barbour took this opportunity and scored a phenomenal goal, extending Tayport's lead to 4-0.


However, in the game's final minutes, Forfar was awarded a penalty in the 86th minute, which inevitably denied Tayport a clean sheet.


As the final whistle blew, Tayport saw success with a 4-1 victory over Forfar alongside Jamie Hume's stellar performance earning him the well-deserved title of Man of the Match.

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