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Signpost International becomes our official charity partner

Tayport Football Club are delighted to announce today that Dundee based charity Signpost International have become the club’s first official charity partner.

Everyone at Tayport Football club is thrilled to be able to share the news of an exciting new partnership between ourselves and Dundee based charity Signpost International, with Signpost becoming our first official charity partner.

Signpost International are a Dundee based charity taking action against poverty at home and abroad. Signpost walks alongside communities throughout the world experiencing poverty and injustice, supporting them to be drivers of their own change.

After previously supporting the charity in December of last year, the club decided that we wanted to continue supporting Signpost and invited them to become the club’s official charity partner.

For the next two seasons the Signpost International logo will be displayed on the back of our new home and away kit. The club will also make a yearly donation to the charity whilst also organising bucket collections for Signpost at matches throughout the season.

Speaking about the new partnership Tayport FC Committee Member, Dave Aitken, said this, “Tayport Football Club thinks the work that Signpost International are doing throughout the world and locally is fantastic. Last year we supported their Christmas Appeal, but we wanted to do more, we want to keep supporting Signpost financially, but we want to spread the word about their work and draw attention to what they are doing. Tayport Football Club is embedded in community, and we believe that it is essential that we are giving back and helping those in need. The work of Signpost is community focused, and this aligns with the long term aims and objectives of the club to continue to find ways to expand our offering beyond the local community and working with Signpost will certainly do this. This new partnership provides so many exciting opportunities, one being, the recycling of the clubs kit going to a really worthy cause. We hope this is the start of a successful long-term relationship which benefits community's far and wide.”

On becoming Tayport FC’s first official charity partner, Signpost International’s CEO, Jamie Morrison, had this to say, “We were delighted when the club approached us and asked if we would like to become their charity partner. It is extremely encouraging that as a club they are not only focused on football but want to play their part in supporting those in need. Signpost International have worked with communities around the globe for over 25 years and will continue to do so, but recently we have begun developing our local work in Dundee. This year we launched the Roundhouse Community Kitchen with its mission to transform surplus food destined for landfill and turn it into nutritionally balanced meals which is distributed to foodbanks and larders across Dundee and given to those in need. This project in partnership with food provision charities will play a vital part in tackling the issue of hunger that exists locally. As a charity we are continuing to build up our presence locally so having our logo displayed on the Tayport shirt will be wonderful, as it will mean that more people will see our name and will hopefully want to find out about our work. We would like to thank the committee at the club for giving us this opportunity and we are really looking forward to this new partnership.”

We as a football club are really excited about this new partnership and working together with Signpost International. We can’t wait to see the Signpost logo on our new strips for the upcoming season.

Tayport FC Committee Member, Dave Aitken (pictured above on the left), Signpost International’s CEO, Jamie Morrison (pictured above on the right), and Tay Bridgehead Councillor, Tim Brett (pictured above in the middle, met together as the charity partnership agreement was signed.

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