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Support the Port while you shop at the Co-op!

If you live in Tayport and shop in the Co-op, did you know that you could be supporting Tayport FC?

We are one of their chosen local causes and receive a donation when Co-op members spend in store. If you are already a member all you need to do is login on the Co-op website, or download their app. Then in your profile, under choose a local cause, select Tayport FC.

If you aren’t a member sign up on their website and choose Tayport FC as your local cause. You will be sent your membership card and all you need to do is present it when you shop in the Co-op.

If you become a Co-op member between now and 5 October, through their website or through their app you will automatically receive a digital offer for £5 off shopping when you spend £15 instore. You can support the Port while you shop at the Co-op!

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