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Welcome to Tayport Eddie

Eddie Wolecki Black gives his first interview since becoming the new manager of Tayport Football Club. Welcome to Tayport Eddie how does it feel to be the clubs new manager?

Thank you, it is a good feeling knowing I'm now responsible for the short-term future of the club. What attracted you to the club and made you want to take the job?

The attraction to the job is two-fold, firstly the history and tradition of Tayport is without doubt a draw for any manager and secondly the opportunity to work with Dave Baikie again was a great influence upon my decision.

Obviously you are just in the door but what are your short-term goals for the club and then your longer-term goals?

Short-term goal has to be to establish the club as first and foremost the best in the region. Long-term it would be our desire to return to the top of the Scottish juniors. As a manager do you have a certain way or style that you like your teams to play?

I don't like the overuse of the word philosophy; my aim would always be to get a winning team on the pitch. Your main role is to take charge of the first team and help them move forward but will you be on hand to give advice to the club as they look at things like a women's team and youth teams in the future?

My experience covers various areas of football and that includes youth and women's football. I believe it would serve the community of Tayport to be totally inclusive and involve all who wish to play. Coaches Bobby Brown and Grant Miller will be remaining at the club and will be part of your coaching team. You must be pleased that they have chosen to stay on at the club?

Having continuity at any club is vital for harmony and it doesn't take much to upset harmony, therefore keeping both Bobby and Grant on board helps us maintain stability. This past week they prepared the team for Saturday’s game against Lochee Harp and I believe they did a good job and have earned my support. You will take charge of training for the first time on Monday, what can the players expect from you at training and as their manager?

Throughout my career I have strived to set standards which push the club to the highest levels of the game. If the players put in a full shift then we won't have any problems. Our players need to know the jersey doesn't shrink to fit them; they have to fill it. Lastly, do you have a message for the Tayport supporters?

I know the expectations of the club, and I am aware of the need to win, because I won't be here long if we don't win games regularly. My message is support the team and be patient, we will strive to build a team you can be proud of.

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