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Youth Football in Tayport

After local feedback and dialogue with local residents we are really pleased to announce that steps are being taken to bring back youth football and youth teams back to Tayport.

See below a post from Paul Dempsey who will be heading up Tayport Community Football Club.

I have met with committee members from Tayport Football Club and discussed a plan of action going forward and all areas that can addressed.

Tayport Community Football Club would be established in partnership with Tayport Football Club and inclusive sessions would be introduced to begin with, along with Tayport Tiny’s sessions for those younger than 5.

A pathway to the 1st team through competitive teams would also be introduced through u8’s up to u18s. But this would have to be for next season as the youth football season starts soon and it’s too much to ask for all registration and joining leagues etc. But this will ultimately be the goal going forward.

Please see below the link for a registration and categorisation form for Tayport Community Football Club. With this, a structure can then be formed for sessions to take place, with designated professional coaches.

The data collected will be taken on the 8th of July and steps then taken to start sessions ASAP! The link will stay active after this date unless it is changed for another type of registration form.

The form however, does include the option for enrolment for next years competitive teams, sessions can be started for this early next year. Giving an encouraging pathway to the 1st team while being professionally coached and enhancing cognitive, technical and physical ability of all participants.

Please, feel free to share this throughout the community, teams and family & friends!

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