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First away day for Tayport’s walking football team

Last Wednesday evening, our walking football team took 12 players to the University Sports Centre in St. Andrews, to play their first competitive matches against St. Andrews Walking Football Club.

The team was split into two so that two matches could be played at the same time.

In the first game, after going behind Tayport adjusted to the 4G surface and came out 8-4 winners. On the adjacent pitch Tayport struggled as their goalkeeper was delayed meaning they had to put an outfield player in goal and unfortunately lost the game 7-3.

Tayport changed their teams around for games three and four and their goalkeeper arrived. Game three ended with a 4-2 victory and game four ended in a 2-2 draw.

It was a great evening, and all the players enjoyed an opportunity to test themselves against a very experienced club.

The team look forward to arranging another friendly next month and are still looking to increase the squad size. So anyone, male or female, aged 50 and over who would like to give Walking Football a go should come along to training which takes place every Friday morning at 10:30am at the Canniepairt. For more information contact Paul Berg on 07831535555.

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