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Stadium Announcer & Social media reporter wanted for media team

Tayport FC are looking for a stadium announcer and a social media reporter to join the media team at the club.

Stadium announcer – This is the opportunity to become the voice of Tayport FC on match days. We are looking for an enthusiastic individual to take on the role of Stadium announcer at our home matches. Over the tannoy this person would have the job of welcoming supporters, making announcements, reading out the team lines, giving match updates such as announcing goal scorers and substitutes. They would also have the job of playing the pre match, half time and post-match music at the Canniepairt.

Social media reporter - This role involves attending matches and keeping supporters up to date with our matches on social media. This would include regular match updates on our Twitter account and significant match updates on our Facebook and Instagram page. One person would be responsible for Twitter with the other responsible for Facebook and Instagram. With the latter there would also be the opportunity to do a number of live videos for Facebook and Instagram on match days, but this is optional.

At Tayport FC we want to give people the opportunity to build up their experience or fulfil a passion and the media team is a great opportunity to do this.

Being on the media team at Tayport Football Club is a voluntary position but the club pay all travel expenses and support all members of the media team in their careers and endeavours.

If you would like to join the Tayport FC media team and take up either of these roles or would like to find out more about being involved with the media team please send the club a message or email, and if you have any questions please do get in touch.

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