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Tayport appoint first club Chaplain

Tayport Football Club are thrilled to announce that we have appointed our first club Chaplain, Amos Chewachong

Amos is originally from Cameroon but now lives in Newport-on-Tay and is minister of Newport-on-Tay Church of Scotland and becomes Tayport FC Chaplain. We know that the position of club Chaplain will be new to many so we spoke with Amos and asked him a few questions about himself and what he will be doing as club Chaplain.

Amos welcome to Tayport Football Club, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

“I am Cameroonian and was a minister in Cameroon before moving to Scotland where I did my PHD. I am now a minister in Newport-on-Tay and also an Honorary Lecturer at St Andrews University.”

Are you a keen football fan?

“I am a very big fan of football and played some competitive football in Cameroon when I was a little younger. I still play sometimes when I am less busy with work and find the time to do it with friends.”

You are the club's first Chaplain, can you let us know a bit about what you will be doing as club Chaplain?

“My role as Chaplain will be to walk with the team especially during difficult moments that might play on their emotional and psychological well-being. I am not a coach but one who is there to listen to the players and other staff concerning any emotional needs that might require comfort or additional spiritual support-whatever that might mean to the individual.”

What are you looking forward to most about being club Chaplain?

“I am really looking forward to getting to know the players and everyone at the club and I’m looking forward to going to matches and watching the team play.”

Everyone at Tayport FC would like to welcome Amos to the club and are really looking forward to getting to know him. The club would also like to say a big thank you to Sports Chaplaincy UK and in particular Mark Fleming, Director for Scotland, who has worked alongside the club helping us appoint Amos as our club Chaplain.

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