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Tayport FC Supporters’ WhatsApp group

At Tayport Football Club we want to make sure our supporters are kept up to date with what is going on at the club, both on and off the pitch, and we do this through our social media channels and our website. Now that we are in the winter months there is a higher chance that our games will fall victim to the cold weather and some pitches may be unplayable. In some cases the club will know in advance that the match is off but in other cases there may be a late decision from the referee calling the game off. If games are off we want to make sure supporters know that the match is off. This news will be posted on the club’s social media channels and on the club website but for those who don’t check these means regularly we want to make sure they know what is happening. In order to do this we will be creating a Tayport FC Supporters’ WhatsApp group. Information relating to matches will be sent out here, meaning that if a game is called off you will be informed, hopefully before you start travelling. It will also let fans know about upcoming events, travel arrangements for matches which are further afield and important club information. In order for the club to be compliant with Data Protection Regulations it is important that we have evidence that you have consented to the club contacting you and adding you to the group. If you would like to join the Tayport FC Supporters’ WhatsApp group please send a message to, Pete McEleny, on 07463055005 letting him know that you would like to be added to the supporters’ group. Please do remember to send him your full name. We hope by setting up this group it will mean that supporters will not need to worry about missing important club updates. You might already check the club social media channels and website for information but do feel free to join the WhatsApp group too; this group is for all Tayport supporters!

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