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Thank You Gary

Tayport Football Club announces the retirement of Gary Sutherland, a prolific striker whose remarkable career spans over 20 years, igniting on the stage of Dunfermline Athletic under 20s. Gary's journey through football has been marked by impactful contributions and unforgettable moments.


Gary's football crusade commenced at Dunfermline Athletic, where he kicked off his career in the summer of 2000. Hailing from Glenrothes Strollers, he quickly established himself as a sharp-shooting center forward. Gary has become a household name in Scottish football having played for over five teams over a remarkable length of time with three clubs highlighting his talents and extending their gratitude.


St Andrews United became the canvas for Gary's scoring prowess when he signed in 2005, marking one of the most influential chapters in his career. From a debut against Thornton Hibs to a memorable First Division victory under Jim Hardie's leadership, Gary scored a staggering 207 goals during his nine-year stint rightfully earning him the title ‘Mr Goals’. His knack for finding the net in crucial moments and amassing winner's medals made him a legend at Recreation Park, forever engraving his legacy as a scoring maestro in St Andrews United's history.


Gary's journey took him to Dundee North End, where he had two successful spells, after initially stopping at Tayport. His contributions for the Dokens played a pivotal role in the club's league victories, with Gary finishing as the top goalscorer during the Premier League triumph at Glenesk Park. Dundee North End FC expresses sincere gratitude for Gary's lasting impact on the team, acknowledging his role in their historical achievements and forever cherishing his goals and contributions during their league winning season.


Returning to Tayport FC, for a third and final time. His dual spells with Tayport saw him contribute significantly to their success, winning the East Region Premier Division and the GA Cup (now rebranded as the Quest Engineering Cup). Tayport Chairman Davie Baikie expresses heartfelt thanks for Gary's dedicated service, recognising his impact on and off the pitch. He understands that although this decision is not an easy one to make, it’s one that every player must make at some stage in their lives. Baikie shares similar passion as a long suffering ‘Hibee’ and is sure there will be a lot more trips Edinburgh now. Current manager Daryl echoes these sentiments, wishing Gary and his family all the best with retirement. He will always be welcome at The Canniepairt. 


As Gary Sutherland embarks on this new chapter, we collectively celebrate the unforgettable legacy he leaves within each club's history. From a youth career at Dunfermline to becoming a scoring maestro at St Andrews United and contributing to back-to-back triumphs at Dundee North End, Gary's journey is a testament to his skill, dedication, and everlasting impact on Scottish football.


May retirement be filled with the same enthusiasm and fulfillment that characterised his memorable career.


Writing Credits:

Donald Gellatly - (St Andrews United Historian)

Albert Oswald - (Previous Tayport FC Secretary)

Olivia O’Donnell - (Tayport Media)

Jimmy - (Dundee North End Committee Member)

Graphics Credits:

Usman Mujahid

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